The Christmas Specialists was started and is run by me, Carolyn Horten.  We are a family business and it is almost a guarantee that if you speak with one of my Elves they are a member of the family, and if not they have been with me for years.  I am a hands on owner who can often be found up a ladder, under a tree, in the back of a delivery truck and always covered in glitter during the Christmas season.    I look forward to the Christmas season and all the new designs that come with it, IT IS my own personal marathon!  


I love the creative design process of taking different colors and products and creating a custom look for each of my clients.  Christmas decor is wonderful to work with and the possibilities are endless.  Using the experience I have gained over the years, I'm able to envision and bring to life so many unique Christmas decor themes.  Each year I am able to design new looks with elaborate florals, whimsical ribbon, creative color combinations and by bringing in non-traditional or uncommon elements into my client's designs. Being able to experiment with ever changing Christmas decor brings me true joy and happiness when creating these yearly designs.


Every season I get excited seeing the new colors, decor items and envisioning ways of incorporating them into my existing inventory.  Working with colors, textures, styles and ornaments just makes me happy. What could be better than having a warehouse full of decor items that always makes me smile and sharing that with my clients and their customers.  I have the perfect job for me, I love to design and shop!


With over 25 years experience in the design and planning industry I have had the pleasure of designing and creating Christmas magic for Fortune 500 companies, Forbes Billionaires, Celebrity Clients, Professional Athletes and to participate in radio and television shows.  


Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you this Christmas season.  

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